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Duterte to decide this week if whole nation to be put under MGCQ, move would boost domestic tourism.
Lockdown Status
Inbound Travel
Outbound Travel
5,214 per million
7 Day Rolling Ave
+21% vs prev week
111.8 per million
Fully Vaccinated
0.00% of pop.
Source: Cases - John Hopkins University (2021-02-26). Retrieved from OurWorldInData.org

Latest Travel Industry News

Policy Summary

Lockdown Status

General Community Quarantine (GCQ) for Metro Manila from 1-28 Feb, whilst Cebu City is under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) from 1-28 Feb. Many industries and sectors are permitted to reopen, with 50% of the workforce. Travel agents allowed to open under GCQ areas at 50% capacity. Public transportation and staycations in areas under GCQ permitted. MICE events allowed under MGCQ and GCQ areas. Tourism attractions permitted to open under GCQ areas. Curfew of 12am – 4am in Metro Manila. Everyone must wear full-coverage face shields together with face masks.

Travel Restrictions

Those with investment visas, balikbayans and spouses/ children of Filipino nationals from other countries will be permitted entry. Domestic flights permitted to reopen from 1 Jun. Non-essential outbound travel permitted from 21 Oct.

Containment Policies Timeline

How to read this graph
International Travel Restrictions
  • 0 - no restrictions
  • 1 - screening arrivals
  • 2 - quarantine arrivals from some or all regions
  • 3 - ban arrivals from some regions
  • 4 - ban on all regions or total border closure
Internal Movement Restrictions
  • 0 - no restrictions
  • 1 - recommend not to travel between regions/cities
  • 2 - internal movement restrictions in place
Stay At Home Requirements
  • 0 - no measures
  • 1 - recommend not leaving house
  • 2 - require not leaving house with exceptions for daily exercise, grocery shopping, and 'essential' trips
  • 3 - require not leaving house with minimal exceptions (eg allowed to leave once a week, or only one person can leave at a time, etc)
School Closures
  • 0 - no measures
  • 1 - recommend closing
  • 2 - require closing (only some levels or categories, eg just high school, or just public schools)
  • 3 - require closing all levels

Economy Summary

Fiscal support for the tourism industry

Bayanihan Act 2 (20 Aug)

  • 10 billion PHP fund for tourism

    • 6 billion PHP for soft loans for MSMEs under the Department of Trade and Industry’s Small Business Corporation

    • 3 billion PHP through the Department of Labor and Employment to help displaced tourism workers

    • 1 billion PHP allocated for tourism infrastructure upgrades

Department of Tourism's Response and Recovery Program:

  • 58 billion PHP in funds

  • Interest-free loans or loan guarantees up to five years for maintenance and operating expenses

  • Credit facilities for upgrading, rehabilitation, or modernization of current establishments to be compliant with new health and safety standards

  • Marketing and product development promotions and programs

  • Grants for education, training, and advising for tourism stakeholders for new normal alternative livelihood programs

  • Utilisation of information technology for the improvement of tourism services

  • Development of a tourist tracking system for emergency response and

  • Establishment of spatial database to improve planning capacity

  • Participation fees for all international fairs, exhibitions and roadshows in 2020/ 2021 waived

  • Accreditation fees subject to moratorium

Small Business Wage Subsidy Program:

  • Displaced workers can claim 5,000-8,000 PHP wage subsidy created for middle class workers employed by small businesses

GDP Growth Rate

% per year





Inflation Rate

% per year





Consumer Trends Summary

Google Consumer Survey (May 2020):

  • 18% of Filipinos would plan for their next domestic trip in the next 3 months; 12% in 3-6 months, 15% in 6-9 months, 14% in 9-12 months and 38% in more than a year from now

  • 31% of Filipinos would consider a 25% discount on standard fares a motivator to book a hotel in the next 3 months

  • 34% of Filipinos would consider 25% discount on standard fares a motivator to book a flight in the next 3 months

  • 27% of Filipinos would travel anywhere in the region if they were to travel in the next 3 months, 27% would travel domestically in nearby cities, and 27% to anywhere in the world

Consumer Sentiment

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The Impact of COVID-19 On The Southeast Asian Tourism Industry
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