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21-day Stay-Home Notice (quarantine) for travellers from higher-risk countries implemented.
Lockdown Status
Inbound Travel
Outbound Travel
10,498 per million
7 Day Rolling Ave
-17% vs prev week
5.3 per million
Fully Vaccinated
21.96% of pop.
Source: Cases - John Hopkins University (2021-05-12). Vaccine - Ministry of Health (2021-05-10). Retrieved from OurWorldInData.org

Latest Travel Industry News

Policy Summary

Lockdown Status

Reverted to phase 2 of lockdown easing from 8-30 May. Businesses reopened, but office workers limited to 50%. Gatherings limited to 5 pax. Approved attractions, hotels for leisure stays and tour operators permitted to reopen at limited capacity. Wearing a mask outdoors obligatory. MICE events up to 250 pax permitted with pre-event testing.

Travel Restrictions

All short-term visitors to Singapore are barred from entering the country from 23 Mar 2020. “Fast lane” for Chinese business travellers. Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) with Malaysia. Travellers from China, New Zealand, Brunei, Taiwan and Australia do not have to serve quarantine on arrival to Singapore. Reciprocal Green Lane with Brunei. Travellers from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal not permitted entry. Connect@Singapore business traveller applications now open.

Containment Policies Timeline

How to read this graph
International Travel Restrictions
  • 0 - no restrictions
  • 1 - screening arrivals
  • 2 - quarantine arrivals from some or all regions
  • 3 - ban arrivals from some regions
  • 4 - ban on all regions or total border closure
Internal Movement Restrictions
  • 0 - no restrictions
  • 1 - recommend not to travel between regions/cities
  • 2 - internal movement restrictions in place
Stay At Home Requirements
  • 0 - no measures
  • 1 - recommend not leaving house
  • 2 - require not leaving house with exceptions for daily exercise, grocery shopping, and 'essential' trips
  • 3 - require not leaving house with minimal exceptions (eg allowed to leave once a week, or only one person can leave at a time, etc)
School Closures
  • 0 - no measures
  • 1 - recommend closing
  • 2 - require closing (only some levels or categories, eg just high school, or just public schools)
  • 3 - require closing all levels
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Economy Summary

Fiscal support for the tourism industry

Aviation industry support (30 Dec):

  • Additional $84 million SGD

  • Used to support the adoption of technology and safety measures to protect airport workers and crew

  • Licence fees for scheduled air services, Certificates of Airworthiness will continue to be waived, and ground handling and catering service fees will be 50% off

Jobs Support Scheme extension (18 Aug):

  • Extended by up to 7 months for workers in the tourism, aerospace and aviation industries

  • Wages paid at 50% from Sep to Mar 2021

Aviation industry support (17 Aug):

  • $187 million SGD allocated to support the aviation industry further

  • Extended financial relief for airlines, ground handlers, cargo agents, and other aviation businesses at Changi and Selatar Airport, including landing, parking and rental rebates

SingapoRediscovers domestic tourism campaign (22 Jul):

  • $320 million SGD budget for SingapoRediscover vouchers

  • $33 million USD budget

  • 3 approaches: partner with local communities to discover off-the-beaten-track activities, curate precinct activities to develop authentic experiences for “Singapolidays” and collaborate with tourism players to develop quality experiences and promotions

Fortitude Budget (26 May):

  • Wage subsidies extended until Aug 2020, including MICE and tourism businesses at 75% of salary

Resilience Budget (26 Mar):

  • Job support scheme for tourism businesses which will subsidise up to 75% of salary up to $4,600SGD/ month

  • $90 million SGD budget for recovery marketing when the time is right

  • Property tax rebates and rental waivers

  • Enhanced training industry Professionals in Tourism grants extended

  • Rebates on certain fees for private bus operators

  • $350 million SGD fund for airlines to fund rebates on landing and parking charges; rental relief for airlines, ground handlers and cargo agents

  • CAAS allow Singapore carriers and airport operator to defer payment of certain fees by up to one year, as well as 50% rebate on regulatory fees

Singapore Tourism Board (24 Apr):

  • $20 million SGD Marketing Partnership Programme

  • Phase 1 was launched for hotels in Apr 2020, funding half of qualified marketing costs

  • Phase 2 will increase to funding for 70% of marketing costs for hotels, attractions, inbound travel agents and MICE

  • $2 million SGD SG Stories Content Fund for local and international digital video content creators to create stories about Singapore

  • Tourism Transformation Index to help tourism businesses go digital

  • Launch of ThreeHouse, an innovation space for companies to collaborate

  • STB Marketing College – joint scheme with UOB, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn to develop online training

  • Minimum financial requirement for travel agents to be reduced by 90% until 31 Dec

GDP Growth Rate

% per year





Inflation Rate

% per year





Consumer Trends Summary

Google Consumer Survey (May 2020):

  • 35% of Singaporeans would consider no change/ cancellation fees a motivator to book a hotel in the next 3 months

  • 38% of Singaporeans would consider no change/ cancellation fees a motivator to book a flight in the next 3 months

  • 39% of Singaporeans would travel anywhere in the region if they were to travel in the next 3 months

Booking.com Singaporean customers' international travel wishlist (Mar/ Apr 2020):

Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Bangkok, Seminyak-Bali, Tokyo, Taipei, London and Osaka

Consumer Sentiment

Tourism Arrivals Summary

International Tourism Arrivals

YoY % change


















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The Impact of COVID-19 On The Southeast Asian Tourism Industry
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