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Automated immigration lanes to be offered to all foreigners from H2 2024 without pre-registration.
Lockdown Status
Inbound Travel
Outbound Travel
531,184 per million
7 Day Rolling Ave
-34% vs prev week
346.6 per million
Fully Vaccinated
0.00% of pop.
Source: Cases - John Hopkins University (2024-02-04). Retrieved from OurWorldInData.org

Latest Travel Industry News

Policy Summary

Lockdown Status

DORSCON status lowered to green. Masks no longer required on public transport, but are required in certain healthcare settings.

Travel Restrictions

All travellers permitted to enter Singapore, regardless of vaccination status, without testing or proof of vaccination.

Economy Summary

Fiscal support for the tourism industry

Budget 2022 (18 Feb 2022):

  • GST hike to be delayed to 2023, rising from 7% to 8% in 2023 and then to 9% in 2024

  • $560 million SGD has been allocated for the Household Support Package

  • Carbon tax to be increased from $5 SGD per tonne of emissions to $25 SGD from 2024, further increased to $45 SGD per tonne in 2026 and 2027, with a view to reaching $50-$80 SGD per tonne by 2030

  • $200 million SGD will be allocated over the next few years to build digital capabilities in businesses and workers

  • $500 million SGD has been allocated for the Jobs and Business Support Package:

    • SMEs most affected by COVID-19 restrictions including F&B, retail, tourism and hospitality sectors will receive a one-off $1,000 SGD payout per local employee, at a max of $10,000 SGD per firm, under the Small Business Recovery Grant

    • Jobs Growth Incentive extended for 6 months to support local hiring to Sep. Rates will be decreased to reflect improved labour market conditions

Jobs Support Scheme lowered (20 Nov 2021):

  • Jobs Support Scheme for tourism workers lowered from 25% to 10% from 22 Nov-19 Dec

Support Package (24 Sep 2021):

  • $650 million SGD support package has been launched for businesses impacted by the latest COVID restrictions from 27 Sep-24 Oct

  • Includes enhanced Jobs Support Scheme of 25% for sectors such as museums, art galleries, tourism sites and retail outlets

$84 million SGD allocated to support the aviation industry (30 Dec 2020)

Jobs Support Scheme extension for tourism and aviation workers (18 Aug 2020)

$187 million SGD allocated to support the aviation industry (17 Aug 2020)

$320 million SGD allocated for SingapoRediscovers domestic tourism campaign (22 Jul 2020)

Wage subsidy extension for MICE and tourism businesses under the Fortitude Budget (26 Mar 2020)

Job Support Scheme for tourism businesses, $350 million SGD fund and fee payment deferment for airlines under the Resilience Budget (26 Mar 2020)

$20 million SGD Marketing Partnership Programme by the Singapore Tourism Board (24 Apr 2020)

Consumer Trends Summary

YouTrip Survey (Jan 2022):

  • In Nov-Dec 2021, total overseas spending among local users increased 400% YoY, total airline bookings increased 700% YoY, hotel bookings increased 500% YoY, and purchases on travel agencies and attractions increased over 1300% YoY

  • One in two travellers were in the 20-35 age range. 30% were in the 35-50 age range, while 20% were above 50 years old

  • Average overseas in-store spending of those aged 20-35 was $1,000 SGD, up 50% from 2019, the biggest increase in spending among the age groups. Those over 50 years old were the biggest spenders, with an average of $1,500 SGD per trip, up 20% from 2019

  • Top 5 destinations for Singaporeans in Nov-Dec 2021 were the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, and France

  • Luxury shopping was a popular travel agenda, with Galeries Lafayette, Chanel, Hermes, Prada, and Burberry occupying the top 5 overseas shopping merchants for Singaporeans, a contrast to the more affordable brands in 2019

Scott Dunn Survey (Jan 2022):

  • Many are desperate to travel in 2022, with over 80% looking to take a min. of 2 international trips

  • More have become comfortable with the idea of quarantines upon returning from trips due to working from home for the past 2 years

  • Unpredictable pandemic situation drives consumer, especially those with high and middle income, to opt for bespoke tailor-made travel with the help of travel operators to manage travel risks

  • Three key trends for travel in 2022 are predicted to be: booking trips based on new interests or “Ed-venture”, ticking off the bucket list (29%), and celebratory holidays or reconnecting with loved ones

Tripadvisor 2022 Travel Trends (Jan 2022):

  • 82% Singaporeans are likely to vacation in 2022, up 2 percentage points from 2019

  • Singaporean travellers booking values are expected to increase by an average of 7%

  • 28% of Singaporeans who travelled for leisure in 2019 said it’s more important now than before the pandemic to splurge on a big trip

  • 74% of Singaporeans plan to travel domestically for leisure, while 53% plan to travel abroad

  • 49% of Singaporeans said that travelling to a destination they’ve never been to before would be more important now compared to pre-pandemic, while 73% said it’s important to “see new places” when thinking about future travel plans

  • 44% of Singaporeans said it’s more important now compared to pre-pandemic, that they choose a destination where they can immerse themselves in “authentic local experiences”

  • 85% of Singaporeans said that cleanliness measures of a hospitality business will be an important factor in their travel decision making in 2022, even after COVID-19 cases have dropped

  • Approx. 7 in 10 respondents said that destinations with a low number of COVID-19 cases are important when deciding on where to travel next

  • 55% of Singaporeans who aren’t travelling in 2022 said they’ve decided against it because of uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions

Finder's Travel Index (Dec 2021):

  • 27% of Singaporeans say that they plan to travel in the coming three months, down from 31% in Nov

  • 15% are planning on domestic travel, while 14% are planning on international travel

Expedia 2022 Travel Trends Report (Dec 2021):

  • 73% of Singapore travellers want to go on the “Greatest of all Trips (GOAT)” in 2022

  • 43% of Singapore travellers prioritise enjoyment over budget and are willing to splurge

  • 41% of travellers with the “GOAT” mindset seek trips that boost health and wellness, while 38% seek to relish the excitement and 37% for the fulfilment of the trip

  • 22% of travellers crave digital detox holidays

  • 26% are willing to step out of their comfort zone to try new things, and 32% of those are seeking local engagements and cultural experiences

  • Travellers are seeking adventure activities: 24% want to sleep under the stars, 17% want to go skydiving, and 13% want to go night trekking on a volcano

  • 29% of travellers prefer traveling without itineraries, with 28% looking forward to being more spontaneous and living in the moment

Booking.com 2021 Sustainable Travel Report (Dec 2021):

  • Over 78% Singaporean travellers pledge to seek out accommodation with third-party sustainability accreditation, but 59% think there is a lack of sustainable travel options and 48% don’t know how to find sustainable travel options

Tripadvisor Survey (Nov 2021):

  • 72% of Singaporeans have started researching their year-end vacations, with 48% planning to go overseas

  • Most popular trip types chosen by Singaporeans were the beach (50%) and outdoors (47%)

  • Most popular travel dates are 3 December, 24 December and 31 December with average trip spend S$ 1,014.

  • Top 3 trending destinations are 1. London, 2. Seoul, 3. Paris

Booking.com 2022 Travel Predictions (Oct 2021):

  • 61% of travelers are looking forward to meeting new people while on vacation

  • 80% of travelers find that the journey to a destination is more enjoyable when it feels like part of the trip itself

  • 80% of travelers say vacation time will be strictly work-free in the future

  • 85% of travelers agree that travel helps their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other forms of self-care.

  • 63% of travelers agree it’s important that their trip is beneficial to the destination's local community

  • 28% are going to do more research into how their tourism spending will affect or improve local communities

  • 70% of travelers are now more open to different types of vacations.

  • 80% of travelers agree that technology will be more important than ever while on vacation

  • 73% of travelers believe technology is important for controlling health risks when traveling, with 79% agreeing that technology helps to alleviate their travel anxiety

Agoda Sustainable Travel Trends Survey 2021 (Aug 2021):

  • More Singaporeans are most concerned about overtourism, followed by energy waste and polluted beaches and waterways

  • 29% of Singaporeans think tourism authorities are most responsible to making change within sustainability, followed by 24% Government and they themselves

  • More Singaporeans pledge to switch off air conditioner and lights when leaving their room, manage their waste and re-use hotel amenities like towels and bedding

  • Practices that are considered most helpful to travel sustainably by Singaporeans are using key cards to power electricity in an accommodation, accommodations using renewable energy and reusable amenities.

  • When asked what practices Singaporeans associate with sustainability, they said renewable energy, energy saving practices and eco-friendly building design and furnishings

  • The additional measures to help make travel more sustainable according to Singaporeans are easy identification of eco-friendly travel options, limiting single-use plastic in airlines/accommodations and financial incentives to accommodation providers who maximize energy efficiency

Consumer Sentiment Chart

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